“I wasn’t sure at first. I thought it would be pretty invasive if I tried to help my Jangles put [the Dog Condom™] on the first time, but once I managed to forget how icky it was, it wasn’t a big deal!”Mary K. – West Islip, NY

“The first time I set up an arranged hump for my dog I was sure he was going to get cold feet. I already told the other dog’s mom I’d make it happen so the pressure was really on. Needless to say Bingo wasn’t thrilled with the thought of the condom OR that mangy dog my needy neighbor brought over, but I had my motivation.

I put the condom on and just a few dozen squeezy pulls later, he was finally brought close enough he’d have hip-humped over anything in site, condom or not. Thank you Dog Condom™! That dog mommy totally let me have my way with her that night, and it was pretty damn OK!” Theo James – Acadia, CA

“My Jojo is a showdog in the Southeast division, and he never performs right unless he’s been able to drain [his testicles] before a show. We were at the hotel getting ready and there were some real mongrels around the place the morning of the event, but Jojo had that look, and I knew we’d never win unless I did something drastic.

I wasn’t about to let him risk his flawless [penis skin] with these run-down mutts, but it was his day to shine so I needed to let him slum. I had a few Dog Condoms™ from a promo mailer, and I rolled one down from tip to base and just watched him come alive.

If you’ve never heard a mangy bastard dog howl in under a minute, you’ve never seen your own dog accomplish his mission in under two… Jojo got his, we went to the event, and we took 6th runner up. Thank you Dog Condom™, we never could have done it without you!” Brad Chatterson – Norfolk, VA

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