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If you have a dog you love you surely know there’s nothing that would kill you more than to harm your baby, even if you think it’s truly in its best interest in the long run.

So if you are too big of a human to clip your dog’s ears, cut off his tail, or tie him to a tree when you’re tired of playing with him in the back yard, why in the heck would you ever spay or neuter your best friend in the whole wide world?

Dogs chase balls, stuff their snouts in crotches and love to make the humpy love all over their fellow dogs, whenever they can.

You wouldn’t deprive him of ball chasing or the occasional crotch snort when prying eyes aren’t around, so why would you de-nuttify him when what he most wants to do in this world is make sweet, musky dog love with those of his own kind?

It’s not like we’re talking about a peanut butter incident or anything, so why would you let it happen?

In days of old there was no other choice. Unless you wanted to overrun the world with excess dogs, you couldn’t dream of letting man’s best friend keep his boy parts, but thanks to Dog Condoms™ the rules have changed and expectations of yesterday can now go the way of mercury dental fillings.

Thanks to Dog Condoms™ your puppy can keep his big-dog stuff and still have the passionate love he instinctively requires.

You can keep his bloodline pure for pedigree, or just let him slum with a neighborhood mutt he fancies, and never have to worry that you’re creating a world full of orphaned strays just waiting to wander into traffic or bite an ill-fated and aimless child.

I’ve been that child, myself, so I understand how it goes, and that’s why I’ve worked to found DogCondoms™.

With Dog Condoms™ you can have it both ways, so long as your dog only has it the “one” way, and your buddy can keep what God gave him without ever having to face the prospect of overrunning the animal shelters or stocking the likes of the dog fighting or puppy-beef sectors, both of which thrive on canine overpopulation and dog-owner ignorance.

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