Return Policy

Due to sanitary and commercial reasons, as well as the association we’ve forged with our third-party provider for our materials, we are unable to accept returns of any opened or used products at this time, and in some cases not even those that are unused, unopened, and otherwise entirely unadulterated.

If you have products you wish to return, you may contact our service department through the customer service contact address listed on our CONTACT page, but be advised in advance that all sales are final, that no products may be returned (however loose or uncomfortably snug fitting) and that products may only be returned if they were entirely inaccurately shipped, or wholly, materially defective in total nature.

But come on, unless the condom breaks or the prosthetic leg is unfit for a hump, there ain’t no way in hell we’re taking back your half-humped (or wholly humped) product.

If you have received product in error, in duplicate, or in insufficient quantity, please contact us directly for us to connect you with our fulfillment company, as they are the ones who manage the numbers and the actual products. If the link isn’t listed here, please use our contact page, and include your name, address, telephone number (home and office) as well as a detailed list of what you purchased, a photograph of what you received, and an evening telephone number by which we can reach you. In order to reach the returns department please use “MUST RETURN DOGGY STYLE PRODUCTS” in the subject line of the email so we may forward it to the correct department.

If we have listed a link above to click to verify shipping status, return authorization or other fulfillment considerations, please do never contact us by our on-site contact address, unless it is as a last resort, and only with photographs of how you have misused the aforementioned canine sex items, specifically as it pertains to photographs including the nakedness of your human female body, and do be afraid to be explicit, as it doesn’t help the return so much as it aids our willing passion to review your request.

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