No Animal Testing

As an earth-friendly, green company, we adhere to a steadfast commitment to never test our products on any animals of any kind.

All of our products are 100% inorganic, and have NEVER been tested on any animals, or any member of the animal kingdom, except for well-informed, willing, well-compensated humans.

In response to the complaint that we’ve used subjugated prison inmates serving prolonged sentences in India for crimes as petty as shoplifting goods worth less than 400 rupees per month, we have changed our policies.

Sure, that’s under $10, but these people were in desperate times, if they even did exist as test subjects in the first place, which we argue they probably didn’t, it wasn’t a big deal because we argue the testing was still conducted in a vacuum in which no wrong could possibly have ever been done to anyone, but most of all not unto dogs.

Bottom line is this; no animals faced any duress by our product testing.

If you want products or services tested on animals, you should purchase human-based products, because all of our animal based products are free of such lesser-mammal oppressions.

We only test on non-animals, meaning humans, and that’s a commitment from which we can not be dissuaded, no matter what reason, logic, financial responsibility, or everyday common sense has to say about it.

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